Attractions Around Houston International Airport

Houston, Texas. They say everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, and nobody can deny that the amount of fantastic tourist attractions certainly lives up that promise. When visiting the attractions of this city, remember that Texas, just like the other 49 states of the union, has a unique and exciting history to offer.

1. Holocaust Museum. Visiting a holocaust museum may not be the first thing you think of when you come to visit Houston, but you can be sure that the experience is very eye opening. It is great for adults and older kids, since the intensity of the tragedy may be frightening for younger children. It is a must-see, unique insight into one of the worst events in mankind's history.

2. Minute Maid Park. Love baseball? This domed ballpark will have you off your seat during the fun, all-American ball games that go on here. It's a great place to take your family, spouse or friends.

3. Hermann Park. This is the first public park in Houston. It features in open-dog park, a playground for the kiddies and a fantastic set of walking trails for you to stroll and enjoy the lovely gardens that encompass the vast grounds. There is even a public golf course and an outdoor theater that boasts live music.

4. The Galleria. It's one of the most well known shopping centers in Texas. It holds lots of upscale dining and shopping opportunities as well as access to a lovely theater where you can enjoy an after-dinner movie. It also circles an indoor skating rink that is quite popular during Christmas time!

5. The Houston Zoo. Do you love animals? Do your children? The Houston Zoo is a great place to come and take a look at the many beautiful and exotic creatures from countries all over the world. It is a fantastic learning experience.

6. Space Center Houston. It is the top tourist destination for all things NASA. You can enjoy lifelike simulations of space shuttle launches, astronaut training and tours of the NASA program. It's definitely worth the visit.

7. The Menil Collection. This attraction is one of the greatest art collections in the United States of America. It features the works of such artists as Max Ernst and Salvador Dali.

8. National Museum of Funeral History. See some of the artifacts from the most famous funerals in the country. It's chilling!